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    DataSource lookup via a client and not an EJB

    marcomanco Newbie


      I have the following problem.

      If I want to lookup a datasource via JNDI in an SessionBean it works.

      If I want to lookup the same datasource from a client (a simple java-class) I get the following exception: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: testDS not bound

      I tested both cases with bea weblogic 7.0 and both work.

      I don't have a solution. I have to port from Weblogic to JBoss. But it doesn't work.


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          Jon Barnett Master

          WebLogic provides a proxy JDBC connection. So a remote client can get a connection to a datasource via the WebLogic proxy. I can't see the performance advantage as the client then has to pass it's statements and data over the wire to the application server which then executes the actual SQL to the datasource fetches any data pending and forwards that onto the remote client.

          JBoss does not provide a proxy connection. It provides a real JDBC connection and that means that only a client operating in the same JVM as the connection pool can use the connection. The physical handle to the connection is in the JVM so the reference is meaningless outside the VM.

          The JBoss datasource name binding is such that remote clients cannot locate the datasource name.