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    AS400 Connection problem in 3.2.X

    tatvamasi12 Newbie

      I am using JT400 API from IBM to connect to DB2 on AS400 machine. DataSources are created and bounded to JNDI fine. Both 2.4.8 and 3.2.X (X = 1 and/or 2) But When i execute updates to one of the table from 3.2.X it gives an error back says "row or object in "DB NAME " in "LIBRARY NAME" type *FILE in use" But the same code base runs fine in JBoss 2.4.8.
      here is my DS confing..

      <connection-url>jdbc:as400://server name/library name;user=userid;password=password</connection-url>
      <connection-property name="char.encoding">UTF-8</connection-property>