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    *-ds.xml, service-binding.xml, ConnectionFactoryTemplate.xsl

    rme Newbie

      It looks like datasource *-ds.xml are transformed by ConnectionFactoryTemplate.xsl
      into an mbean. In addition, the example xslt in the
      binding-manager/sample-bindings.xml operate on the mbean
      representation of the datasource, not the *-ds.xml representation.

      Why not directly write the mbean?

      It seems that the service-binding capability only lets one map
      ports and host names, why not add arbitrary attributes so that
      the database username and password can also be placed
      into the service-binding.xml file?

      The *-ds.xml files do not "recognize" the "${property}" construct
      (like the jboss-service.xml do). Does the mbean xml format
      allow for the "${property}" construct?