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    mySQL(InnoDB) datasource problem.

    sys user Master


      My problem is whenever i place password in mysql-ds.xml

      the data source is not working.

      the mysql-ds.xml is like



      i created one user abcd@localhost thru mysql control centre.but when in xml(as well as db) i give the password of the user the datasource is not working but when i remove the password it is working fine.
      please help me.

      the error message that comes on jboss server when i give passsword is cannot find user abcd @


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          dumber168 Newbie

          try granting user "abcd" further rights in MySQL Server by
          executing the following (either through MySQL client or
          Control Center):

          > grant select,insert,update,delete on test.* to abcd@"" identified by "abcd";
          > grant select,insert,update,delete on test.* to abcd@localhost identified by "abcd";
          > grant select,insert,update,delete on test.* to abcd@"%" identified by "abcd";

          all the above statements may be applied to fully grant the user
          "abcd" to the database "db" regardless of the hostname where
          the application is run.

          hope this helps.

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            osoberanis Newbie

            Try changing the driver class to this