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    Cannot use getGeneratedKeys in DataSource connection?

    ccdshw Newbie

      Hi, friends,

      I am encountering a serious problem in my application in which JBoss 3.2+Tomcat4.1.24 + MySQL 4.0.13(driver is mysql-connector-java-3.1.0-alpha-bin.jar) are involved. In my program, I have a statement.getGeneratedKeys method which is implemented in JDK1.4. I have setup JAVA_HOME to j2sdk1.4.1_01 and JBOSS_HOME to jboss-3.2. My problem is, if I use a connection retrieved from DriverManager, getGeneratedKeys() works fine; but if I use the DataSource(which is configured following the mysql-ds.xml) to get the connection, then getGeneratedKeys() does not work. Can anybody give me an idea what is the problem?

      Thanks in advande.