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    Connection pooling in JBoss

    JAYAKUMAR Newbie

      I am new user of JBoss. Can anybody advice me on where should the data source xml file be located and what should be its name? Also by default, is the connection pooled when we look up for the data source? Thanks for your favor in advance.

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          wisaner Newbie

          1) copy the jdbc drvier to your %JBOSS_HOME%/servlet/default/lib eg.
          mssqlserver is msbase.jar, mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar

          2) copy file from %JBOSS_HOME%/docs/examples/jca
          , end with -ds.xml , eg
          mssqlservler is : mssql-ds.xml

          to file folder JBOSS_HOME%/servlet/default/deploy

          3) change the file content to fiexed you

          Now you can use it in jdni.

          if you want to use connection pool , and you can
          open %JBOSS_HOME%/docs/examples/jca/generic-ds.xml, you will find it is so easy