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    Autocommit reset to true on a database connection in statefu

    shoka Newbie

      I'm having troubles with database connections on a stateful session bean; the bean is used to access the database with multiple prepared statements during long-lasting bean-managed transaction (i.e. it opens a connection, creates and executes statements during invocations of business methods and finally either commits or rollbacks).

      The problem is that the autocommit flag is somehow resetted by something else than my code - basically at the end of ejbCreate it is false as I set it, but magically turned to true when a business method is invoked.

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.1 with MS SQL Server 2000 and mssql-ds.xml datasource configuration (didn't manage to get mssql-xa-ds to work, driver whines something about being unable to connect socket - any pointers on this matter are also very wellcome)..

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.. :)