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    char encoding and Jboss/postgreSQL

    uramisten Newbie

      My setup is as follows:
      SuSE linux 8.2 (EN)
      postgres 7.3
      Hibernate 2.0.1
      I have a LATIN2 database in postgres, and dbvisulaizer nicely takes the data out and shows it.. whereas any access via jboss returns ? in place of the LATIN2 specific characters.

      Since DBviz can get the data out, using the SAME postgress jdbc driver, I assume it is something on the jBoss side. I have tried adding char.Encoding connection-property to the DS, and I have tried changing the connect string to include "?charSet=LATIN2" at the end.. but nothing changes.. has anyone run into this and/or have any idea how to fix it? Its important...

      Oh.. funnily enough (haha).. the problem goes away if the above environment runs on a Hungarian installation of SuSE..