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    CacheConnectionManager closes the connection after call retu

    bala_m Newbie

      i'm using a stateless session bean to retrieve a connection to mysql DB. this is running in jboss 3.2.1_tomcat_4.1.24 This bean is called from the servlet. Bean returns the connection object to the servlet. the transaction type of bean is cmp. The problem is After the connection returned by the bean to the servlet.Server gives

      [CachedConnectionManager] Successfully closed a connection for you.
      Please close them yourself:

      with the stack trace. Actually i called the bean to retrieve connection to execute statements in the servlet. But the connection is closed by CachedConnectionManager. this bean is working in weblogic server.
      cachedconnectionmanager closes the connection after the method call. how to tune off this behaviour in jboss.

      any ideas are appreciated.

      thanx in advance