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    ConnectionClosed Exception JBoss3.2.2rc2

    Paul Kossler Newbie

      Greetings to all,
      I have an SLSB with transactions required. It has several private worker methods which acquire Data from the Oracle8i DB. I cleaned up the DB connection code in this bean so that the container is not closing the connections, which were left open.
      I now get a connection closed exception when I try to use the second Connection object.

      I have the following done:
      SpecCompliant=true in Transaction-service.xml
      Transaction=required in the Deployment descriptor
      The connection object closed and set to null from the previous call.
      (actually the resultset, statement and connection are being fully closed)
      A single JCA DataSource object. (Even if I "get" a new one the object Id's are the same(thus they are the same))
      I have setup a connection pool in the oracle-ds.xml
      (I have not set the TX properties)

      !!! I have looked at the live code with Eclipse in debug, and the connectionClosed flag is false.

      Why am I getting the connecitonClosed event?
      How can I fix it


      I have the latest drivers