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    Postgres DS not bound

    jggreenjr Newbie

      I have the following datasource that I am trying to deploy using JBoss 3.2.1 and Postgres 7.3.4:


      When I copy this file into the default/deploy directory and look in the server.log file I see the following:

      deployer: org.jboss.deployment.SARDeployer@1b9ce4b
      status: Starting
      state: START_DEPLOYER
      watch: file:/usr/local/jboss-3.2.1/server/default/deploy/postgres-service.xml
      lastDeployed: 1065130061957
      lastModified: 1065130061000
      2003-10-02 15:27:41,983 DEBUG [org.jboss.management.j2ee.ServiceModule] postRegister(), parent: jboss.managem
      2003-10-02 15:27:41,984 DEBUG [org.jboss.management.j2ee.ServiceModule] Created JSR-77 ServiceModule, name: p
      2003-10-02 15:27:41,984 DEBUG [org.jboss.management.j2ee.factory.ServiceModuleFactory] Created ServiceModule:
      2003-10-02 15:27:41,985 DEBUG [org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer] End deployment start on package: postgres-s

      Any attempts to access the datasource result in a datasource not deployed error. Does anyone have any ideas of why my dataset is not deployed? Are there any steps to verify that jboss can even connect to my postgres installation?


      John Green