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    Different ISOLATION level for a different method of same CMP

    amitsaini76 Newbie

      Hi ALL,
      I want to set up different Isolation Levels for different methods of the same CMP.
      we can define the Isolation Level in oracle-xa-ds but then it will be for all the conection from this pool.

      In weblogic we can define Isolation level at method level as given below. Is there a way of doing so in JBOSS also.

      Weblogic Example



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          Ivan O. Parra Novice

          I'm curious. Is weblogic forced to use only XA compliant connections when multiple isolation levels are set? If not, I wonder how weblogic got around using the same connection with different isolation levels. I mean, is it possible to change the isolation level of a JDBC Connection mid-transaction??? Or do they use multiple connection and assume the transaction is still atomic?

          As far as I know, you can only specify 1 datasource per entity. That datasource is associated to one type of connection configuration.