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    connection failure to remote jdbc data source

    Chris Harris Newbie

      I am using jboss-3.2.2RC3, and have set up a jdbc data source for connections
      to a remote (accross the internet) postgresql database (ver 7.2.3).

      I can connect to and use this database fine from a standalone java application
      on the same server as is running jboss.

      However when I try to create a connection using my jboss datasource in a slsb,
      I usually get an error: FATAL 1: Password authentication failed for user "xxx"

      I have checked the username and password more than once, and am satisfied that
      they are correct. This is confirmed by the fact that that sometimes,
      about 5 times in 100, I can create a connection OK.

      I have tried ds.setLoginTimeout(), which appears to have no effect on changing
      the login timeout. The jboss parameter blocking-timeout-millis is set by default
      to 5 secs, and the failure is happening much quicker than that.

      Can anyone shed any light on this or suggest a solution?

      I will be happy to post more details/code etc. if it will help.