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    <datasource-mapping> is badly designed

    Adrian Price Newbie

      Sorry about the title, just needed to grab someone's attention.

      The binding of a data source to a particular JDBC driver/user/pwd/dbserver (and thus to a particular database type) is the responsibility of the bean deployer not the bean provider, so logically it ought to be possible to specify the mapping in the *-ds.xml datasource configuration file?

      As it is, jbosscmp-jdbc*.dtd requires the bean provider to specify and <datasource-mapping> as a pair in and/or , the defaults being "java:/DefaultDS" and "Hypersonic SQL" respectively. This is a bad design because it makes it impossible for a bean provider to distribute an ejb.jar or j2ee.ear file that supports multiple databases, without requiring the deployer to rip open the archive and mess with the deployment descriptors (a tricky and error prone procedure sensible providers wish to avoid at all costs).


      Adrian Price