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    Too big column length for column 'id'

    rstranders Newbie


      I've just set up Mysql + Jboss on a Redhat 9 box. However, I keep getting the following error when I deploy my ejb's:

      Invalid argument value, message from server: "Too big column length for column 'id' (max = 255). Use BLOB instead")]

      My mysql-ds.xml contains the following:

      The strange thing is: I've already got this working on in my windows environment. Jboss and MySQL worked seamlessly in this configuration.

      For my id's I use the xdoclet GUID (global unique ID's) generator. (see: http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net/bp.html) This generator generates 32 character strings.
      Does anyone recognize this problem?

      thanks in advance,