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    Using a JBoss DataSource *outside* the app server

    jing Newbie

      Hello all. I'm trying to access a JBoss datasource outside of the jboss application server. I can access the datasource fine when I'm already in the web context (eg when I'm using a JSP / Servlet), but I cannot access the datasource through an external client (a standalone app, for example). Does anyone know if this is possible or how this can be done? The same code which works in the web environment does not work outside of it. Thanks.

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          Jon Barnett Master

          The datasource is not accessible outside the JVM in which it is defined. There are many posts on this topic covering the reasons this is not supported.
          1. The physical connection to the DB and the handle to the connection are in the JVM and DataSource is not a proxy implementation.
          2. You lose much of the advantages of removing the DB connection cost through pooling by adding the connection cost of reaching the pool and proxying were you to provide external access capability.