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    nickjoaquin Newbie

      Hi to all!

      I have a problem in deploying my two different ear file to the latest jboss-3.2.2. I've already include jboss-app.xml to my ear file under META-INF dir, this also include application.xml.

      The basic I want to do is to deploy to different ear files. Does anybody knows the proper approach to do this.


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          Bernd Zeitler Expert

          Well, try this:
          - use the adequate forum (this could be installation & configuration)
          - tell us what your problem is (exceptions, behaviour)
          - tell us what you are doing and perhaps why you are doing it (why are you using jboss-app.xml, do the ears share any resources and do you want to deploy shared resources with every app or once for both?)

          Try again, greetings,