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    Informix memory problem caused by JBoss?

    Dries De Moor Newbie


      We are doing a migration of an Informix 4GL application to a Java application using jboss-3.0.4
      I have to do the migration of the old database to the new database. So I first read the existing data and then I assemble objects and pass the to SessionBean which inserts the data in the Informix Database using
      CMP entitybeans. Some migrations take some time: 1 -2 hours. During such migration I'm continously creating CMP EntityBeans. But the memory usage of my session on the informix server keeps on growing and growing untill the servers hangs. To me it seems to be a problem of closing connections, statements and resultset. But I cann't imagine that JBoss is not doing this because otherwhise the problem would already occurred in the past and not only on Informix DB but also on other DBs.
      What I noticed is if when the Informix DB server hangs and I shutdown the Jboss server it takes a while to cleanup the Connectionpool. ( it is set to max 50 connections ). When Jboss is shutdown the Informix DB server deallocates the memory and is running normal again.
      I'm using the latest Informix JDBC driver: Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC5.

      Did somebody have the same problem?
      Can somebody tell me what's going on and what I can do to prevent this? I don't want to put the application on our production servers as long as I don't know what's going on here.
      Thanks a lot.


      Dries De Moor