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    Delay Problem ! Urgent !

    amir Newbie

      We are developing a Learning managment system on jboss 3.2.0 and MSSQL 2000 and Linux.
      at first we had Linux Redhat 8 and we have a jdbc connection problem , we had to wait 20 seconds for each of our jdbc connections, we upgrade to linux redhat 9, so the problem disappears, but after 2 or 3 days again we have the same problem , I don't know what is it for. consider that :

      1- we are using datasource for getting connection
      2- connection timeout is 20 sec
      3- we get the connection after 20 sec
      4- we have this problem when jboss starts , so it is not a bug in our application,
      5- we set maximum pool size to reasonable value
      6- we don't have this problem on Windows 2000 Server

      I'm almost sure that there is something in linux configuratoin or jboss configuration that we dont know about it.

      please help
      it is really important

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          micke Novice

          I have several systems running RH8/9 and connecting to mssql servers, all working fine.

          Have you verified that its not a network thing ? Try to connect at prompt from the linux box using the same host:port as in ds config to make sure you get the connection.

          Are you using the jars from MS?