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    Connection pool is dead after restarting RDBMS

    Vladimir L. Newbie

      We have connection pool configured to connect Oracle database with JBoss 3.2.2 RC1.

      There is an MDB that while processing messages from queue retrieves connection from this pool, executes its task and returns this connection back to pool via close operator.

      It seems to be the correct implementation. And it works fine until the Oracle server is restarted or network connection between JBoss and Oracle servers is broken (they are located on the different stations).

      Then even if the Oracle was started up again and network connection recovered JBoss cannot operate with Oracle connection pool properly any more and has to be restarted. Try to use the connection always ends up with broken pipe exception.

      Is there any possibility to configure a pool so it may automatically recover after the connection to Oracle is back to life again?

      Thank you in advance,