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    How to configure the Sybase Datasource?

    danielchai Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am new in Jboss and EJB and I have met a problem of the configuration of Sybase Datasource.

      I wrote a BMP programm and copied its jar file to the deploy directory. Then I copied the driver class files(jconn2.jar and jTDS2.jar) to the deploy/lib. After doing that, I copied the sybase-ds.xml from the docs/examples to the deploy directory and made the following changes:


      No error occurs during the deployment.But when I run the client, it says that it can not access the metadata in the database.

      The version of JBoss I use is Jboss3.2.2RC4.

      Is there anything wrong?Pleae help me.

      Thanks first!