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    No ManagedConnections Available!

    aoggi Newbie

      I am getting "No ManagedConnections Available!", am using Jboss3.2 and Oracle 8i Database, I have set up minimum Pool size as 50 and Max pool size as 200.. I checked "netstat -an" when i got this error.. at that time there are 199 DB connections ..

      If i don't close the connections by any chance, will the Jboss close the connections,.. Some times i see in my log that it closes connections, I am not sure what happend in the above scenario and it went to 199 connections.

      Also, i am seeing some connections going to TIME_WAIT as soon as i access some web pages which internally calls Beans and make Database connections. Even when i have a Pool of 50 connections and no activity on the server.

      Can any one help me in solving this error.

      Thanks in advance

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You are using all the connections available in the pool and JBoss cannot provide you with any unused connections when you request them. JBoss will eventually free connections when the connection idle timeout occurs and they are reaped and returned to the pool. However, it is generally the responsibility of the developer to build their systems so that connections are explicitly returned as soon as the component has finished doing work with the connection. Holding a connection for a long period is generally not good design practice and can lead to scalability problems.

          I can only suggest reviewing your design and determine a better way to share this scarce resource. YMMV.