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    ScrollableDataTable sample error

    eee eee Newbie

      Hi all,

      after reordering the datatable the detail of the items doesn´t match. It seems that the new order iisn´t synchronized between client and server.

      Is it possible to solve the problem?

      Thanks a lot,


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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          Not sure that fully understand you.. may be provide sample if this opssible? Thanks!

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            eee eee Newbie

            Of course, try exadel sample application for scrollabledatatable. Just select the third item and push botton to view detail... It works, now, reorder the table so the item changes position in the list and try to view the detail of the third item again. You can realize that the item you see in detail is the first one and not the second one.

            Problem is that the selected propertie of the managedbean seam to save the position in the list but the list binded only change on client, not on server...