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    Tagfiles (JSP 2.1) and rtexprvalue set to false in tld

    Robert Chwastek Newbie


      JSP 2.1 allows to create your own tag files using JSP syntax instead of the Java code. This is quite nice feature when you want to develop a bit more customized set of tags for your project. However, all the tags defined in ajax4jsf and richfaces have set the the rtexprvalue to false:
      (compare ajax4jsf.tld, richfaces.tld) preventing to pass attributes to such tag files.
      Is there any problem with changing rtexprvalue to true?
      According to the JSP specification it shall be calculated by the container so the Java code of the tag receives the calculated value. I have tested some tags and it seems that they work properly. Would it be possible to have rtexprvalue set to true in the next versions of the libraries?

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

      Robert Chwastek