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    JDK1.4 method not available in JDK1.3 (getGeneratedKeys)

    Wim Lambrecht ('wil') Newbie

      My current setup:
      - jboss 3.0.4 (running on JVM version 1.4)
      - mysql 4
      - BMP via DAO-classes (my sql code is in a DAO-class)
      - when i try to use the statement-method 'getGeneratedKeys()', jboss throws me a SQLException (wrapped - in the case - in a CreateException) "JDK1.4 method not available in JDK1.3".
      After some investigation i've found out that, i had to be something in an layer of jboss. I guess in the package "org/jboss/ resource/adapter/jdbc". Although jboss is running on de JDK1.4 (i think jboss 3.0.4 is built with a JDK1.3), classes like "LocalStatement" and "LocalCallableStatement" are stopping the call en throw a the SQLException.
      How can i solve this problem (without installing a higher version of jboss) ?
      Please help and thanks in advance !!