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    hsqldb 1.72

    cbartling Newbie


      I am running jboss 3.2.2 in a development environment and would like to change from hsqldb 1.71 to 1.72.

      The hsqldb runs as a standalone server in each case, but I am not able to connect to 1.72 although it should only be "only" a matter of changing ports (The two standalone hsqldb servers run in parallel on ports 9001 and 9501).

      The problem is that I am not able to connect to 1.72. It looks like the user and password are not passed correctly by jboss, because after a while I get an error saying that "I cannot connect null". In the working case the log output states that is "connect SA". Connecting via the DatabaseManager is fine in both cases.

      I tried the methods getConnection() and getConnection(user, pw) and switched to application security in the hsqldb-ds.xml: not effect.

      Does anyone have some suggestions??