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    Number of database connections

    Amad Newbie


      "afida" wrote:
      We would like to know the maximum number of database connections that JBoss requires to keep on running without having an internal thread that have to wait for a database connection.

      In WebLogic they have the concept of worker threads. Each worker thread does a particular task (e.g. handling a servlet request, an EJB call, an MDB call, ...). Each of those threads assumes that it will get a database connection. It can wait for a short period, but if there is no database connection available in the pool, it will fail. So for WebLogic there is a formula: # database connection = #worker threads - 1 ( I assume that single thread is used to monitor the other threads or something similar and will never need a database connection).

      Is there a similar formula for JBoss ? Can we configure the "worker threads" (or whatever they are called in JBoss). We have quite a few MDBs and if we do not restrict the number of MDBs "per type" we have problems. We fear that as the number of MDBs keeps on growing, we might easily exceed the 10 connections that Sybase ASA offers us.

      Thanks in advance for your answer.