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    How to set the isolation level

    Guofeng Zhang Novice

      The seesion beans of our application use JDBC to access the database.

      We have to set the isolation level to TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED when a connection is got from the data source pool:
      conn.setTransactionIsolation( connection.TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED ) ;

      This application works well on JBoss 3.0.8, but it fails on JBoss 3.2.3. The error message is "java.sql.SQLException: You cannot set isolation level during a managed transaction!".

      I know that the above java statement will changed the default isolation level. That is not allowed because in this case the transaction will be commited.

      I want to know if the default isolation level can be set in the data source configuration xml file?

      Thanks for your help.

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          Guofeng Zhang Novice

          cited from: http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=14967

          you can set the transaction isolation level in the datasource configuration file name-ds.xml in the deploy directory for jboss 3.x.x.
          this is an example for ms sqlserver:


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