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    script dependency missing for custom facelets tag that insta

    Jonathan Sutherland Newbie

      I am new to richfaces/facelets and developing a custom facelets component for my seam application.

      In the encodeBegin method for my facelets component I am instantiating a rich faces component like:

      HtmlDropSupport dropSupport = new HtmlDropSupport();

      This code seems to work OK and it prints the javascript for the DropSupport component on my page. However, it doesn't include the required javascript libs "DnD" and possibly others.

      I noticed the DropSupportRenderer and the DropzoneRendererContributor classes; the latter containing information regarding the script dependancies I need.

      My question is how do I add these script dependancies to the application? Can I do that using the FacesContext object?

      Maybe if that's not possible I should just find the required javascript files include the myself?