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    Grammar problems in PDF Book

    Timothy Perdue Newbie

      I was considering purchasing the pay-for documentation, but I'm concerned that it will have all the grammar and bad english problems in the "QuickStart Draft 3".

      How good is the "Pay for" documentation? Is it well-written and thoroughly proof-read?

      I'm having a hard time understanding some of what is written in the "QuickStart Draft 3".

      -The PDF mentions a "Template" that you must copy and modify, but the template is not included in the JBoss download or the jboss download page. Only after pulling my hair out did I finally locate the place to download the "Template" project.

      -the .ant.properties.example file cannot be easily rename to .ant.properties on Windows XP, as windows gives an error. I had to copy the file to my UNIX machine, rename it, then copy it back to windows.

      -Page 25 "Create EJBs
      Write regular EJB implementation but for Entity Beans with CMP only create abstract getter and setter methods for the table attributes"

      That is almost incomprehensible English. What are they asking you to do? I cannot get any further than this, as running "Ant" on the provided example file causes problems.

      [ejbdoclet] Constructing Javadoc information...
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestBMPEntityBean.java:10:
      Class test.interfaces.TestBMPEntity not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntity;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestBMPEntityBean.java:11:
      Class test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityData not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityData;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestBMPEntityBean.java:12:
      Class test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityHome not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityHome;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestBMPEntityBean.java:13:
      Class test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityPK not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityPK;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestBMPEntityBean.java:16:
      Class test.interfaces.SequenceGenerator not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.SequenceGenerator;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestBMPEntityBean.java:17:
      Class test.interfaces.SequenceGeneratorHome not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.SequenceGeneratorHome;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] C:\java\jb-test\src\main\ejb\test\entity\TestEntityBean.java:10: Cla
      ss test.interfaces.TestEntity not found in import.
      [ejbdoclet] import test.interfaces.TestEntity;

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          Terence Newbie

          PHEW, I thought it was just me being a bit thick about not being able to understand this document.

          I got up to exactly the same spot as you did and I had exactly the same problems. I was also tripped up by the bad grammar. Anyone noticing a pettern emerging here?

          Maybe people would be willing to fork over $$ for documentation and other services if they could actually get the software running with some example code. Let alone if they were actually given a reasons to expect a decent level of quality.

          I downloaded my copy of draft 3 months ago and I was especially dissappointed to find out that it was still languishing in draft status today. It's dissapointing because jboss looks like an exciting product - too bad there's no documentation that can tell you how to use it.

          The thing is up to version 3 and no one has been able to put some words together to tell someone how to use the thing. I'd be happy to put a tutorial or two together myself but it's catch 22 isn't it?

          I'm still marooned with a working installation and no idea how to use it :(

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            your_name Newbie

            I really have to agree on this one. I simply cannot make any sense out of this documentation and worst cannot get any of the examples to work.

            Is there anyplace I can get some working examples that are clearly explained.

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              Anders Dahlberg Newbie

              > Is there anyplace I can get some working examples
              > that are clearly explained.

              lol, try java.sun.com/tutorial ;)