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    XDoclet Installation

    koltar Newbie

      I spent MANY hours looking for the proper setup of Xdoclet to find absolutely NOTHING on how its suppose to be setup.

      I installed Xdoclet via unzip xdoclet-1.1.2 in my /usr/local directory. I changed my .ant.properties to use /usr/local/xdoclet-1.1.2 as the xdoclet.home.(I have have NO clue if thats how is suppose to be installed)

      I am attempting to setup up the template and it is failing miserably telling me that it can not find the interfaces when I run ant.

      From reading posts the interfaces are not being created is due to bad classpath or XDOCLET_HOME is not correct. What classpath do I need to be pointing to that I am not and where should I make this change? Please tell me which file which field, this hunting for hours just plain sucks.

      Any help would be appreciated, this is rough...