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    Documentation Errors

    Diogo Catossi Newbie

      Hello people,
      I would like to report some "letter bugs" throught the Quick Start Draft 4.

      The mistakes are between '':
      1. Page 26 - "A J2EE project contains 'for' different parts:"
      2. Page 27 - "'On' of the weaknesses is that..."
      3. Page 28 - I couldn't understand the phrase: "Some are based on database structures,'is taking XML input'and other are code based."
      4. Page 29 - "When the components are tested 'than' you are sure that all the test..."
      5. Page 31 - "After 'the run the build system' for the first time..."
      6. Page 31 - "You can use them to see 'what XDoclet generated and to'find problems if the generated source is not correct."
      7. Page 31 -"Most likely you want to add 'you' own package"

      This is what I could identify as long as I had readed the draft.

      Hope it helps the documentation to grow with quality (and correct spelling ;)

      Diogo Catossi