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    Unknown servlet-lib.path and type.mapping

    Ivy Lim Newbie

      Hi people, this is my first posting to JBoss.

      My building example works great! However, I believe my build.xml is skipping out on the war deployment.

      What's servlet-lib.path for JBoss 3.0? In the building template example, it's: -

      # servlet-lib.path=C:/jboss-all/build/output/jboss-3.1.0alpha/lib/javax.servlet.jar
      ...sorry, I just couldn't figure out which is a similar one in JBoss 3.0

      Lastly, on the data source portion. My config is: -

      It seems the generated descriptor points to "Hypersonic SQL". True enough JBoss 3.0 comes with Hypersonic in its distribution. However, I would like to test it on Oracle 8i. But I'm not sure what to place for Oracle 8i in XDoclet. Their doc don't tell.

      # Set the DB type mapping (Hypersonic SQL, PostgreSQL etc., see XDoclet's attribute "typemapping")

      Finally, can anyone please lead to a forum thread which has a got a succesful Oracle 8i (via this driver) data source configured?

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          Look for this directory "/docs/examples/jca" and there you should find a Oracle configuration.

          You can set the name of the DataSource in the JCA configuration. This name (with the leading "java:/") has to be set as the 'datasource.name'. To find the appropriate 'type.mapping' look in the "/server/default/conf" directory, open 'standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml' file and seach for the appropriate mapping (for you it would be 'Oracle8').

          Hope this helps - Andy