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    servlet-lib.path=??? in .ant.properties file

    Naga Vijayapuram Newbie

      I got the sample from template working (for the default web-client.war that is generated),
      but have some doubts on the servlet-lib.path line
      in .ant.properties file.

      In .ant.properties -

      When I point servlet-lib.path=<a war file>,
      it is ignored, instead a web-client.war is generated.

      When I point servlet-lib.path=,
      a web-client.war is generated as well.

      What exactly is the purpose of servlet-lib.path line
      in .ant.properties file?

      The Quick Start Guide says -

      servlet-lib.path: when you have a web application then uncomment it and adjust it to
      point to the servlet archive file

      Please help.