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    religious issue with template project

    mcclain looney Newbie


      I'm just getting started with jboss, but i've been using ant for years. I have a beef with the template project as it exists, in that it doesn't ignore the system environment classpath. I've found through the years that setting a system classpath is probably the biggest mistake one can make when devising a project layout. Ant's facilities for automatically generating classpaths are far less error prone.

      My usual layout includes a lib/ dir which ant scans for *.jar and *.zip, that way i can always just look in there to see what's on my classpath.

      Indeed the template project seems to try to build a dynamic classpath, but it doesn't appear to be working (echoing base.path shows it's undefined).

      My lack of system classpath seems to be causing it no end of grief, in that it can't seem to find the log4j classes on which it relies:
      file:/home/mcclain/dev/projx/build.xml:147: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/Category

      Instead of futzing with $CLASSPATH, i'd much rather just copy the l4j jars into lib/

      my .02USD

      thanks for the good work on the doco.