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    error compiling template

    jason Newbie

      hello all,

      i've modified the .ant.properties file to reflect my filesystem configuration and i keep getting this error despite having checked the paths in the .ant.properties file many times...

      [ejbdoclet] javadoc: Illegal package name: "C:\Program"
      [ejbdoclet] javadoc: File not found: "Files\jboss\test\template\src\main\ejb\tes
      [4 more]

      obviously it has something to do with the windoze path for the directory "program files", however, in every occurence of such a directory in the .ant.properties, i have changed it to c:\progra~1\... i can't seem to locate the path information which is causing this error.

      i've taken a look at the build.xml file, but there isn't anything there either which points to that path. i have also downloaded the historical version of xdoclet1.1.2 since the newer xdoclet1.2.0 does not seem to work with jboss currently.

      any ideas as to what i'm doing wrong?

      thanks in advance for your help.