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    What is servlet-lib.path?

    Steve Snively Newbie

      I'm following the JBoss 3.0 Quick Start Guide (QuickStart-30x.pdf) and have a question about Chapter 3 (page 28).

      I'm trying to build the template example included in JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples.zip. In the .Ant.Properies file i've created it calls for a "servlet-lib.path" parameter to be set. I'm confused about what am I supposed to set it to because I didn't find a JAR called "javax.servlet.jar" in any distributions. What servlet classes are we talking about here?

      Here is the line:

      # Uncomment this and adjust the path to point directly to JAR file containing the servlet classes
      # Attention: By uncommenting this line you start the creation of a WAR file

      Also can someone tell me if the purchased documentation is any clearer on how to build an app with ANT for JBOSS than the free quick start guide. I'm also looking for a good NetBeans plugin for JBOSS if someone knows of one.