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    Need help using J2EE and XDoclet

    stephanmay Newbie

      Hello, i tried to build my first j2ee-application.
      I downloaded the sample FIRST from mycgiserver.com and followed the instructions in the pdf-file.

      - copy the jar - file to sample/lib
      - create BAT-File to set the CLASSPATH
      - edit the build.properties
      - start ANT

      BUt the ANT-Process cant find the xdoclet.DocletTask. Also the other files defined in build.xml.

      <!-- todo the master script should move all required libs here -->

      <!-- =================================================================== -->
      <!-- Initialise -->
      <!-- =================================================================== -->

      In $project.lib.dir are all JARS listed in the PDF-File (xdoclet.jar, xdoclet-ejb-doclet) where u can find the CLASS xdoclet.DocletTask or xdoclet.ejb.module.EjbDocletTask and so on.

      But ANT didnt find these classes !!!
      Who can help me?