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    ListShuttle - modifications to source list?

    asaf sh Expert


      With ListShuttle, 'copying' options from one side to the other causes the elements copied from the source list to be removed,

      I guess this is the way for you guys to keep the current state of the source list updated but this behavior is really annoying,

      Sometimes the source list has more meaning then just a list to copy items from and I would like to keep the source list as it is, without modifications.

      Is it a normal behavior?,

      Source list should never change, and the word to transfer elements from one side to another is 'Copy', not 'Move' :)

      Many thanks,


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          x y Newbie

          i second to that.. i would like to be able to cancel the "move" depending on the type/value of the item on the left hand side.. for instance, if i put "categories" on the left hand side, double clicking on them should not move it to the right, but rerender just the left side with "categories/files" whose parent is the category being clicked. typical entity structure is as follows.. this should help performance problems as well since not so many items would be visible at the same time.. thanks.


          category (implements drillable)
          parent (category)

          item (implements drillable)

          category (category)
          item (item)

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            Victor Bucutea Newbie

            I sustain this idea and still , would like some way to differentiate between columns on one side and columns on the other side . That way I would content rendered in the sorce list and content rendered in the target list...