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    Template Project

    David Hoots Newbie

      Anybody know where the template project can be downloaded? It no longer seems to be available on the Sourceforge page.


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          Deepak Mittal Newbie

          I'm also having the same problem. I'm not able to find the template project on the jboss site. Can any one help me with this?



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            sxgray Newbie

            JBoss home page - click on the Documentation link under Services - then scroll to the bottom.

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              vvp Newbie

              That one seems to be broken : Files missing, does not compile without errors, is incompatible with "QuickStart guide for JBoss 30x.pdf". Pity!

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                rgrokett Newbie

                Once I had the template project d/l'ed, getting it to work was a bit more effort. Here's a modified form of the Readme file for the template example:

                Project Template for JBoss 3.0:

                In order to use this template you have to download
                and install:

                - JBoss 3.0 (it does not work with JBoss 2.4)
                - XDoclet 1.1.2 (from www.sf.net/projects/xdoclet)
                - Ant 1.4.1 (will not work with ealier versions)

                I'm using JBoss 3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24
                with XDoclet 1.2b4
                and Ant 1.5.3

                1. Copy .ant.properties.example to build.properties
                Edit with locations of above.

                2. Edit build.xml as follows: (this is for UN*X)
                ------ snip & save to "diffs.txt" ------

                <!-- AS Maybe necessary for Ant 1.5 and XDoclet 1.3 -->

                ------------ end snip -------------
                (If you read this bottom to top, it will make more sense)

                $ (cat diffs.txt; echo '1,$p') | ed - build.xml > build.xml.new

                Keep a copy of the original build.xml and overwrite it with the .new file.

                Also, I created a couple symbolic links of the following files in the xdoclet.home/lib dir:
                xdoclet.jar -> xdoclet-1.2b4.jar
                xjavadoc.jar -> xjavadoc-1.0.jar

                Use NO CLASSPATH.

                Now ant should work.

                Attached are samples of my files