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    Better understand "Ajax request generates non-Ajax response"

    David M. Karr Newbie

      In section 5.4.4 ("Action and Navigation") of the RichFaces reference (from 3.1.3), it talks about the mode of "Ajax request generates non-Ajax response", particularly in the case of having a page flow within an "<a4j:include>" element.

      I don't quite understand this. It seems like it's talking about page navigation within a sub-window, which I would think would require an Ajax response, even though at another level it might not seem like it.

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          There are two different terms here:
          1. "Ajax request generates non-Ajax response" when the whole DOM tree is replaced
          2 "Partial Navigation" when the only part of the page limited by a4j:include

          The common part between those cases is action method returning the valid action outcome. Instead of replacing the parts of the current view, the context of target view is used for whole page replacing or partial page replacing.

          Speaking about the tech details, the response come using the same channel. The "Ajax request generates non-Ajax response" mode (but not "Partial Update") requires < redirect /> declared for navigation rule to avoid memory leaks or object interferes.

          If the navigation rule has < redirect /> declared, the true Non-Ajax response is processed.