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    building Template Project

    mquisto Newbie

      I am new to JBoss but am looking forward to using it. I am currently attempting to create the Template Project per the instructions in the free QuickStart guide (Chapter 3) using DOS on MS2000, but am running into some unclear instructions on page 28:

      - Ensure that the target JBoss is running.

      - Start the build with the “main” target, which can be omitted when it would be the only parameter (it’s the default).

      - Make sure that the deployment succeeded without any exceptions.

      - Start the “testsuite” build target, but make sure that the template is deployed.

      - To start the client, go to the “build/bin” directory and start the “run-client” script.

      - Use the “clean” build target to clean up the build and to create the template from scratch (but this does not undeploy the deployed archives).

      I'm afraid I will need a little more hand-holding than this. Can anyone "fill out" this set of steps to make them more explicit for me? I am also new to Ant and JUnit, but in preparation I have reviewed their documentation and can create simple build files, test cases, etc.