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    where is documentation-example.zip?

    mquisto Newbie

      Due to the crumminess of the "Quickstart" document I have spent (wasted) a lot of time looking on the web for an alternative "Hello World" type example for JBoss. I have found a couple, but they keep telling me to download the documentation-example.zip file from the JBoss site, which tells me it is "not found". Aargh. I am trying really hard to use this software, but all I see are ads for $3000 seminars in San Francisco.

      If any of the folks in the JBoss group are reading these forums, could you please spend some time on the intro documentation? In addition to helping those of us who do not already know everything it is a reflection on the stuff that you want people to fork over the bucks for.

      Now I promise not to vent anymore...