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    Template project missing some source files.

    brentrv Newbie

      I'm having the same troubles as some of the others are in getting the template to run. When I look at TestBMPEntityBean.java, it references the following files that are not included:

      import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntity;
      import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityData;
      import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityHome;
      import test.interfaces.TestBMPEntityPK;
      import test.interfaces.SequenceGenerator;
      import test.interfaces.SequenceGeneratorHome;

      For TestEntityBean.java, the files are:

      import test.interfaces.TestEntity;
      import test.interfaces.TestEntityData;
      import test.interfaces.TestEntityHome;
      import test.interfaces.TestEntityPK;
      import test.interfaces.SequenceGenerator; (also referenced above)
      import test.interfaces.SequenceGeneratorHome; (also referenced above)

      Do those of you that are only having problems with the bean name have the above files? I have downloaded the .zip file again, and they are not in there.