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    Is there a limit on length of EL expression?

    Brian Parkinson Newbie


      I'm using c:forEach to build up a number of tabs:

      <c:forEach items="#{thermostatAdaptor.calendarEvents}" var="ce">
       <rich:tab label="#{ce.name}">
       <h:outputText value="YYY"/>

      This works fine - the question I have is really around the EL expression used in the 'items' attribute.

      Originally, the 'items' attribute was being set up by:


      but this didn't work. So I added a 'getCalendarEvents' method on the thermostatAdaptor, which just dereferences.

      public List<CalendarEvent> getCalendarEvents()
       return thermostat_.getProgram().getCalendarEvents();
      public Thermostat getThermostat()
       return thermostat_;

      My question:

      Why doesn't "#{thermostatAdaptor.thermostat.program.calendarEvents}" work?

      Iis there a limit to the length, or number of getter calls within an EL expression?

      I have a workaround so I'm fine, just wondering.

      Many thanks.