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    Startup Script - Linus

    rwhart Newbie

      I have Insalled JBoss-3.2.2-RC1 as 3.2.1 had a persistent decompression failure. I have built the startup scripts per the Quick Start guide. Startup works and reports [OK]. "stop" failes.
      The only deviation I can see in the "go.sh" script is that JAVACMD=$JAVA_HOME/bin/java points to a non-existent directory. When I omit the /java then startup works but shutdown still fails. Even thought he pid file /var/run/jboss.pid is removed.

      The one variables used in go.sh for which I cannot find the definition is JBOSS_OPTS. Where should this be defined and where should it live?

      Also I have run 'ps ax | grep jboss' after starting and it never shows the pid even though the /var/run/jboss.pid file exists [?].

      Thanks for taking time to read. I am green with Java and just trying to get a demo project going for my office to try and convince them to make a purchase of technology and support. I am no a computer programmer but a physician with no formal CS training.

      Thanks again.