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    paulmoore100 Newbie

      How do I get the javadocs for 3.2.2?
      I saw terablot ask the same question and he got flamed big time (RTFM, and 'try thinking dummy').
      So I bought the online docs, I bought the paper books, I read every online free doc. I read them all.
      I downloaded the 3.2.2rc3 src package (no cvs access)

      When I run build\build.bat I dont get docs
      When I run build\build.bat docs it barfs (source.classes and build.api not defined, todo not taskdef'd)

      I could debug the build scripts but I have to assume that this basically works.

      And dont tell me to read the javadocs

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          terablot Newbie

          I tried with 3.2.1, if you do a build.bat all some docs would be generated under the output directory of their respective parent dir. Or one could try to run build.bat docs under the directory (do a build.bat -projecthelp to see if there is a docs task). Or one could just open up the source code and read the comment. I try to find the generated javadoc first, if i can find it then i'll search the code. Its a bit troublesome but that's all i could come up with. Any one with a better solution, please let me know ok. I hope I am not asking for "spoon-feeding". Cheers!

          Thanks in advance.

          Good luck to you and me ;-)