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    Errors in documentation

    Stephen J. Thompson Newbie

      Hello All,

      I have purchased the jboss 3.0 Administration and Development book from flashline.

      There seems to be areas where errors have occured and I presume that this is the best area to report these.

      On page 269 under title "Using and Writing JBossSX Login Modules" it refers to the configuration file conf/default/auth.conf this has been superseeded to conf/default/conf/login-config.xml and the syntax has changed. Should this section not be updated to conform to the jboss 3.0 layout?



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          Thomas Laresch Newbie

          You said:
          "I presume that this is the best area to report these"

          I believe your presumption is correct, but....

          Let me re-phrase that as a question to the JBoss Group: is this forum the best (and only?) way to report errors in the documentation?

          Is there a bug-tracking system that we could use to track documentation bugs?

          I would suggest that the documents themselves should have text in the beginning spelling out how to report documentation errors.

          Allowing documentation bugs to be sent by e-mail would also be useful.

          Thanks, all!
          - Tom

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            Elmar Henne Newbie

            There is a documentation bug about jboss-web.xml. It is in "The jboss-web.xml ENC Elements" as well as in the appendix "The JBoss server jboss-web.xml descriptor DTD":

            The <resource-ref> element has the same form as in jboss.xml, especially when using an URL (type is "java.net.URL") you have to use <res-url> instead of <jndi-name>. I had to look up this in the jboss source.