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    Build error in Ch. 8 example

    Thomas Laresch Newbie

      There is an error in building the ch 8. example shipped with the Advanced documentation. I have the fix - please add this fix to your next release.

      I ran this build as shown on p. 301 of the JBoss book and got a compile error:
      ant -Dchap=8 -Dex=4a run-example
      C:\jbossbookexamples\src\main\org\jboss\chap8\ex3\service\PropertiesVerifierStore.java:29: org.jboss.chap8.ex3.service.PropertiesVerifierStore should be declared abstract; it does not define verifyUserChallenge(java.lan
      g.String,java.lang.Object) in org.jboss.chap8.ex3.service.PropertiesVerifierStore
      [javac] public class PropertiesVerifierStore extends ServiceMBeanSupport
      [javac] ^
      [javac] 1 error

      I repaired this by adding an empty verifyUserChallenge method to the java file:

      public void verifyUserChallenge(String username, Object auxChallenge)
      throws SecurityException {}

      This error was apparently introduced with this change: