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    Drag problem with IE6?

    Kyle Sands Newbie

      Hi... we are having a problem with drag and drop in IE6 only. The problem is when you have a list of a few items with boxes around them, the first box works fine, but the rest have the problem. If you click to drag in the box but not on the text, (basically in the white space of the box) it does not grab the box to be dragged. A great example of this problem can be seen right on the RichFaces LiveDemo site here... http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/dragSupport.jsf?c=dragIndicator

      I'm not sure what version they are using, be we are using 3.1.2.SP1. Do you need more from me on this, or is the above link enough to go on?

      Any insight on this problem would be greatly appreciated.